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Academies Update: May 2013


As of 1st May there are 2,924 academies open, of which 2,225 are converted and 699 are sponsored.

Another 751 schools have applied to convert to academies (of which 471 are approved), and 257 sponsored academies are in development.

This brings the proportion of secondary schools which are now academies or …

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Ebook use in schools

The best ebook systems now transform books into a targeted intervention tool for teachers


The delivery of learning resources via digital means is on a consistent upward trend.  Although our use of ebooks in UK schools is still in its infancy, demand is growing:

Three quarters of students asked said they preferred …

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E-Safety tips and considerations for 1-to-1 devices

E-safety is, quite rightly, uppermost on many people’s minds, especially when it comes to mobile devices. There are number of e-safety issues to be mindful of, such as:

Taking inappropriate photographs.
Accessing inappropriate websites.
Intellectual Property Rights issues
Data Protection issues
Personal safety issues.

None of these are the exclusive province of mobile devices. However, mobile …

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